Delivery Information

We can deliver our product to worldwide all countries.

We use these shipment service for ship your package for now:

  1. Unregistered express mail - free €0.00$anonymous shipping without tracking
  2. Registered express mail - for €15 only, secure registered shipping with tracking

To track registered express mail click here:   Track your order

Shipping cost is given to you by our payment center during your purchase.

Unregistered express mail is fully anonymous service - for shipping this way we need only to know your correct adress to delivery. Your name/surname can be real or fake - we can also ship to p.o. boxes using this delivery method.

Registered express mail is not anonymous but it is more secure - we need to know all your correct and real data (including name and adress) for delivery using this service.

We are not held responsible for all lost or any damages occurring during the unregistered express mail shipping, we strongly suggest our customers to pay small extra fee for registered express mail shippment with tracking.

If the buyer does not receive parcels for their own factors (eg. not at home, move, wrong delivery adress), resulting parcel returned to us.  If the buyer still needs package, he must pay us the return shipping costs (4$-9$ dependent of shippment weight and delivery method), after that we can ship this product second time. 


All products are shipped to our clients within 24-72 hours only in working days. Working days are from Monday to Friday. All virtual products are delivered by e-mail in the same amount of time.

If you order any product with E-BANKING option or if you pay using Western Union we need 2-3 more days to prepare your product for delivery.

All physical  products are delivered in various time, dependent of client's location. Our Post Office guarantee delivery to the customer country within max. 3-7 working days in Europe and within max. 5-10 working days worldwide. After this time delivery is dependent of local customer's Post Office. 
We always ship our ATM cards from private address (no company) without our company data to allow easy reselling our products. Therefore we recommend our resellers to ship our ATM cards directly to them customers.

Virtual cards are usually delivered to our resellers by e-mail and they manage it on their own.